A1200A Frame & Filter Assembly | Landscape/Yard Inlet protection - RND BASE 38"


A1200A Frame & Filter Assembly - Round Base 38":

  • Designed for smaller drains, such as yard inlets, golf course drains, landscape drains, beehive drains, and drywells that are 30” or less.
  • Reusable high molecular weight polyethylene frame with replaceable filters.
  • Consistent performance retaining sediment from concentrated flow.
  • Can help prevent filling of drywells with sediment and leaves.
  • Fast, simple installation

2 Stage Filter

  • Superior sediment filtration in slurry conditions
  • Used during construction to keep sediment out of drains and small inlets.
  • Stage 1 -Sediment filtration (exceeds 96% efficiency)
  • Stage 2 -High flow fabric top for storm water release
  • High visibility top marks inlet location

 High Flow Filter

  • Keeps trash, grass & floatables out of pipe system
  • Clear water flow >1100 gpm/ft²
  • Effective when high flow of water is expected to help prevent flooding

A1200 Video

A1200 Video Thumb


A1200A Ra-lin yard inlet grate 1200X800 (38)


A1200A-HF in the field 1200×900(4)

R100 compared to A1200

A1200A-DOT Good Pictures (61)
Dome at GW restoration Hole#11 Photo # 5
A1200A-HF with lawnmower
A1200A problem solved
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