Belted Silt Retention Fence (BSRF) Priority 1

Reinforced Silt Fence
BSRF Priority 1 | Nonwoven Green Band Heavy Duty Silt Fence System

The fabric is a 36” wide, non-woven spun-bond polyester fabric with a fiberglass internal scrim for added support. The system utilizes wood stakes and a specific method of attachment (bonding strips) to enhance the strength of the system. The BSRF, when installed as specified, produces a proven system with superior filtering capabilities in slurry conditions.

  • Designed for Heavy Duty Sensitive Areas
  • Internal Scrim for Added Linear Support and Strength
  • P-1 exceeds Federal guidelines with >96% efficiency (ASTM-D-5141) (University of GA study - PDF below)
  • Fabric evaluated by University of GA, University of Central FLA, and TRI/Environmental
  • 3'x48' with 4' centers
  • 100% Sourced and made in America
BSRF Priority 1
BSRF Priority 1
BSRF Priority 1
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