Belted Silt Retention Fence (BSRF) Priority 1

Reinforced Silt Fence
BSRF Priority 1 | Nonwoven Green Band Heavy Duty Silt Fence System

The fabric is a 36” wide, non-woven spun-bond polyester fabric with an fiberglass internal scrim for added support. The system utilizes wood stakes and a specific method of attachment (bonding strips) to enhance the strength of the system. The BSRF, when installed as specified, produces a proven system with superior filtering capabilities in slurry conditions.

  • Designed for Heavy Duty Sensitive Areas
  • Internal Scrim for Added Support
  • P-1 exceeds Federal guidelines with >96% efficiency (ASTM-D-5141) (University of GA study - PDF below)
  • Fabric evaluated by University of GA, University of Central FLA, and TRI/Environmental
  • 3'x48' with 4' centers
  • 100% Sourced and made in America
BSRF Priority 1
BSRF Priority 1
BSRF Priority 1

The choice of silt fence is to be determined by the topography and soils of a given area. Flat topography can be served well with medium duty silt fence, where rolling topography requires the use of a heavy duty silt fence for best results.

Areas around water bodies or wetlands require the use of a fabric that has been designed for sensitive areas.

The most value of your purchase can be best achieved by utilizing the grade of silt fence that most economically meets your jobsite's need, while still meeting the desired results.
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