Bottom Drain Assembly

Bottom Drain Attachment for use with R-100A-DOT (BDA-500)
The Bottom Drain Attachment is designed to work in conjunction with the R100A-DOT to create a temporary retention area for construction sites that do not have space for larger retention ponds.

This combination creates an "Enclosed Storm Water Filter System". The system allows the storm water to pass through the filter fabric of the Silt Saver R100A-DOT frame and filter releasing clean water that will then be sent off site.

Multiple stages of the enclosed storm water filter system may be used in series for linear job sites such as pipelines.

  • Enclosed Stormwater Filter System
  • For use in detention areas
  • Used in combination with Silt Saver Inlet protection R100A-DOT frame and filter assembly
  • Attaches to 12” HDPE Piping
  • 100% Sourced and made in America
Bottom Drain Assembly (BDA-500)
Bottom Drain Assembly (BDA-500)
Bottom Drain Assembly (BDA-500)
  • Specification and Installation (PDF)
  • BDA-500 CAD FILE (DWG)

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