Return on investment (ROI) is a financial measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment.  By integrating reusable products into their practices, some companies are significantly improving their profit margins, return on investment, and even their environmental sustainability profile.

silt fence boxConsider traditional inlet protection Best Management Practices (BMP’s) – most incorporate the installation (labor hours) of 12 stakes (wood or metal), approximately 36 feet of silt fence, plus additional wood and wire supports to create a silt fence box.  These boxes are installed initially, then removed and reinstalled each time the grade changes, incorporating not only the cost of labor and materials for replacement, but also removal and disposal costs.  When the job is finally complete, the materials must again be removed and discarded at a cost that is often overlooked. Therefore, one traditional inlet protection silt fence box is installed, often replaced multiple times due to grade changes or failure, and then manually removed and disposed of at full cost each time.  There is zero return on investment for these traditional options of inlet protection.  While these methods may be less expensive than reusable options initially, there is no return on the cost.  You lose money with each installation.

Switching to reusable products can save you money in both labor and materials. The longer you use reusable options, the more you earn. When you consider that the lifespan of the Silt Saver reusable Inlet Protection Domes or the Silt Saver Pipe Stopper can exceed 20 years, you can quickly see where the return on investment (ROI) comes into play.  Change is always difficult, but this change is a simple adjustment that offers many benefits for your business, the overall industry, the environment and your corporate image.

When purchasing for a project, consider profit margins and your return on investment – consider Silt Saver reusable products.

The Silt Saver Inlet Protection Domes, also known as rigid inlet protection, are designed to be temporary sediment control devices used during land disturbing construction activities.  They provide a performance based, cost effective replacement for drop inlet filtration BMP methods such as silt fence boxes or rock and wire inlet protection.  In contrast to the numerous materials and labor hours involved in these traditional applications, the Silt Saver Inlet Protection Domes are a reusable polyethylene frame with replaceable filters. They come in various sizes to accommodate the inlet designs specific to your state or project.  The frame can be stored outside and then used project after project, merely replacing the cover filter as needed at a new job.  The frame is durable, can withstand weather and work, and the same frames have been used by contractors for years on hundreds of sites.  The Silt Saver dome replaces the traditional silt fence box with easier installation, consistent efficiency of sediment retention, durability, and reusability.  You will save time, materials and labor.  You will see a return on investment.  You will save money.

The Pipe Stopper is another reusable Silt Saver product.  It is a horizontal pipe sediment control device designed to prevent or reduce the movement of sediment and debris into stormwater pipes during construction.  The traditional means of protecting these pipes has been to cover them with a piece of plywood.  This practice may effectively block sediment and debris but also blocks the flow of stormwater for which the pipe was installed leading to upstream pooling of water and excessive flooding on your site.  This practice repeatedly costs you money and again provides zero return on your investment – labor is required for placement and removal of plywood which is then discarded at cost when removed from every pipe on your site at every site.  The Silt Saver Pipe Stopper is an effective reusable means of allowing for stormwater flow while preventing sediment and debris from entering the pipe.  The high-density polyethylene frame is created in sizes ranging from 12-36 inches to accommodate the internal diameter of the HDPE, concrete, or corrugated pipe and is held in place with durable clips to allow for easy installation and removal.  A replaceable filter fits over the reusable frame.  This frame can be easily stored and moved from site to site with new filters as needed preventing buildup of sediment and debris in pipe.  This change to a reusable product provides return on your investment and saves you money with each use on site after site.

In summary, change is hard.  It requires consideration of something new, integration of a new process and proof of value.  The change to Silt Saver reusable products meets these challenges head on.  The Inlet Protection Domes and Pipe Stopper frame and filters are easily integrated into your current plans.  These products are more efficient and effective than traditional options.  They will provide return on your investment after just one use while continuing to save you money on each future job site where they are used.