Where can I find an inlet protection BMP that is both cost effective and performs to expectations? Am I considering all the hidden costs associated with inlet protection? What is my real inlet protection bottom line? Is it possible for me to save over $100,000 on my next 10 projects?

This video offers a possible solution to all these questions by giving a return-on-investment comparison of three common types of inlet protection. The video also highlights BMP issues and possible solutions to those issues.

If you are an engineer, contractor, builder, or E&S specialist this video has information that you will find valuable.

Actual project costs are used in this comparison. Installation, maintenance and reuse cost of a silt fence box, a rock and wire inlet protection box, and a Silt Saver inlet protection dome are compared to determine the most cost effective inlet protection method.

The South Carolina Catch basin type 25 “Double barrel” inlet was used as the comparison inlet for this video.