If you have a horizontal pipe

We’ve got you covered!

This week’s highlighted product is the Pipe Stopper

The Pipe Stopper is a horizontal pipe BMP device that stays in place during construction. It is designed to retain sediment and floatables while allowing the passage of storm water.

The Pipe Stopper uses “Friction Clips” that are matched to the inside dimension of the pipe. It may be used on HDPE, concrete, corrugated pipes. The Pipe Stopper can only be used on the inlet side of the pipe.

Available Sizes: 12” / 15” / 18” / 24” / 30” / 36”  (Based Inside dimensions)

Horizontal Pipe Sediment Control

“Pipe Stopper”

by Silt Saver

The Pipe Stopper Advantage

  • Reduces costly pipe clean outs – Keeps floatables, and trash from entering pipe system
  • Reusable HMWPE frame with replaceable filters that fit like a shower cap over the frame
  • Clips into HDPE /concrete/ corrugated pipe
  • Fast, easy installation and removal
  • Designed for inlet side of pipe only