Pipe Stoppers

Sediment Control for All Horizontal Pipes
Pipe Stopper Sediment Control for All Horizontal Pipes

The Pipe Stopper is a horizontal pipe sediment control device designed to prevent or reduce the movement of sediment into stormwater pipes during construction. Each Pipe Stopper has a custom designed filter cover that fits over the HDPE frame, much like a shower cap. The Pipe Stopper device adds value and reduces costs by preventing the build up of sediment and the need for pipe clean-outs prior to final inspections.

  • Fast, easy installation and removal
  • Available in Two Filter Options (D.O.T. & High Flow)
  • Sizes: 12” / 15” / 18” / 24” / 30” / 36” ID
  • Durable and reusable HDPE frame that clips into HDPE, concrete, or corrugated pipe
  • Replacement Filters Available
  • 100% Sourced and made in America
Thumb maker for pipe stopper
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