Compression Tube

The Compression Tube is a weighted wattle of nominal 5 foot length and 9 inch diameter allowing for enhanced handling and versatility in its use for stormwater velocity dissipation and sediment retention. It is filled with biodegradable weed and seed free kiln dried wood chips providing an environmentally friendly alternative to recycled rubber / wire / silt fence. The kiln dried wood chips allow this wattle to weigh less for shipping and installation (approximately 5 lbs./ft.) while more than doubling in weight (approximately 14.5lbs./ft.) when storm water is absorbed by the chips. The wattle has a durable woven polypropylene geotextile fabric with attached handles to accommodate easy placement and movement.  It comes with 2 compression stakes to apply added downward pressure to prevent undermining.  A waterproof protective shroud is provided over pallet purchases. Sourced and made in America.

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