SS 300 Curb Inlet Filter:

Kit includes: SS 300 curb inlet filter / pine straw, 2 sandbag inserts and zip ties (#57 stone or sand locally supplied by customer)

  • Place in front of a curb inlet or opening to prevent the migration of sediment into the storm drain system
  • Pine straw wrapped in high flow-high visibility polyester green mesh with pockets for weighted bags on each end
  • Biodegradable core materials offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of recycled materials that can pollute our waterways
  • No rubber / sharp wire. Pine straw filling resists absorption of storm water and maintains shape.
  • Flexible, light weight for easy shipping, hauling and installation. When filled with stone or sand, weighted bags keep filter in place and provide weir as needed
  • Weighted bags provide weir and can be adjusted from 3” up to 9”
  • Sourced and made in America