Designed as a temporary barrier to slow the velocity of channel stormwater and facilitate controlled stormwater release through the fabric onto the rear scour guard.

A multi-component geotextile system with each piece contributing to system performance:

  • Velocity restrictor sheet prefabricated with posts
  • Attached front water seal and rear scour guard
  • Additional rear scour guard extension
  • Compression tubes with compression stakes

In addition:

  • Prefabricated and contoured to conform to the angles and length of ditch slopes – prevents bypass and provides strength to withstand channel flow
  • Velocity restrictor sheet made from green mesh allows floatables to contribute to filtration of stormwater
  • Pine chip filled compression tubes held in place with compression stakes prevent undermining
  • Preassembled and sold as a kit to ensure quality control and consistency of installation
  • More effective, less costly, and less maintenance than traditional rock check dam
  • Sourced and made in America