Woven Belted Silt Fence (WBSF) – Combination Fence (Combo Fence):

The WBSF Combination Fence was designed as one silt fence to accomplish 2 objectives: the stormwater release and sediment retention created with 2 Stage Technology PLUS delineation in one fence. 2 Stage technology was designed to allow for enhanced sediment retention and stormwater release while maintaining the same WBSF structural integrity and strength. The first stage (lower 12 inches above ground level) is nominal 50 sieve woven fabric to facilitate the greatest sediment retention. The second stage (upper 12 inches) is nominal 20 sieve woven fabric providing controlled release of stormwater during heavy rain events reducing overtopping and undermining. Structural belts are woven into the fabric as attachment points providing linear strength consistent with all Silt Saver WBSF products. This combination fence then adds the additional benefit of a high visibility top for delineation. Installing one fence to do two jobs saves time and money on your site.

  • Structurally enhanced silt fence with internal reinforcement belts woven into the material
  • NO wire / net backing needed
  • Available on pre-assembled hardwood stakes at 4’ centers (designed for heavy duty) or 6’ centers (designed for medium duty) sensitive areas
  • Available in 500’ or 1000’ rolls.
  • May be attached to metal posts using woven belts as attachment points as required
  • Can be installed by trenching or slicing / plowing
  • Sourced and made in America