Frame & Filter Assembly | Adaptable Dome

  • Half and Half DOT Adaptable Dome w rock

    A700A-DOT/HF (Cutaway View)

  • A700A-DOT Filter

    A700A-DOT Filter

  • A700A-HF High Flow Filter

    A700A-HF High Flow Filter

  • A700 Adaptable Dome Frame only

    A700 Adaptable Dome Frame only

  • Half and Half HF Adaptable Dome

    Half and Half HF Adaptable Dome (Cutaway View)

Adaptable Dome Frame & Filter Assembly (A700A-DOT, A700B-DOT, A700A-HFG or A700A-HF)

Storm Drain Inlet Protection.The Adaptable Dome frame & filter assembly is designed to protect storm water inlets during construction. The rectangle frame is designed to cover inlet openings 36” x 55” or smaller. Rock bags, built into the filter, provide ballast to hold the frame & filter securely over the inlet. Originally designed to fit the SCDOT Type 25 box, it can be adapted to fit various size inlets with minor retrofitting.

The Adaptable Dome may be attached to adaptor pieces that expand the usability of the A700 for inlets that previously could not be covered. Please send inlet diagram information to [email protected] for assistance adapting to a specific inlet design.

The A700 is available in four filter options: DOT 2 Stage & High Flow types.
Adaptable Dome
Adaptable Dome
Adaptable Dome
DOT filters are designed as a 2-stage filter with a sediment retention filtration material on lower half and storm water release in the upper half. This design addresses flooding issues while offering sediment retention efficiency in or near travel lanes. The rectangle frame is designed to cover inlet openings 36” x 55” or smaller.

High Flow filters use a combination of rock and high flow mesh to keep inlet free of debris and floatables.

Product Features:

  • Each filter has been customized to offer the best fit for Rectangle A700 Frame. Offering 360 coverage of inlet.
  • Retrofit filters are designed to cover both the A700 Frame and the adaptors.
  • Installation is simple: place the filter over the frame and fill the pockets with stone. On filters that have ditch flaps, completely cover the flaps with stone. See installation details.
  • Creates a barrier around the base of the frame. Provides weight necessary to stabilize the frame & filter assembly.
  • Sump or Non-Sump Conditions.
  • Reliable performance.
  • No hazardous stakes – reduces risk of worksite injury.
  • Reusable frame – economical.
  • Provides continuous, consistent filtration keeping sediment above ground.
  • Reduces potential for : costly fines, stop work orders, and environmental damage.
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