Safety Driver

Safety Driver:

  • Hand injuries send more than 1 million workers to the emergency room annually in the US resulting in pain and suffering, lost time, and lost productivity. - CDC, 2011
  • The 24” Safety Driver reduces the probability of injuries to workers driving posts / stakes by moving the holder away from the point of operation and out of the line of fire from the hammer while increasing the “strike” zone.
  • The Safety Driver can be used to drive posts more safely for many applications such as preassembled silt fence and concrete forms. It protects employees, prevents post damage, enhances the ability to pull tension on fence – adding safety and efficiency to your job site.
  • The Safety Driver is made with durable high-density polyethylene and weighs ~2.5 lbs. which makes it easy to handle and minimizes fatigue.
  • The 5.5” x 4” head will accommodate post sizes 2” x 4” and smaller while providing a larger target for impacts.

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Safety Driver
Safety Driver
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