Specialty R300B-DOT Frame & Filter Assembly | Round Base (60" diameter)

  • Specialty Dome R300B-DOT

    Specialty Dome R300B-DOT

Specialty R300B-DOT Frame & Filter Assembly:

  • Round base 60'' diameter
  • Reusable high molecular weight polyethylene frame, Replaceable filters
  • Structural design for concentrated flow
  • Fast, simple installation
  • No failures due to stakes in uncompacted soil
  • Consistent performance
  • Practical, functional and economical
  • 100% Sourced and made in America
Specialty R300B-DOT-2 Stage DOT Filter:

  • Special design meets specific requirements of Maryland and Virginia DOT.
  • Superior sediment filtration in slurry conditions
  • Stage 1 - Sediment filtration (exceeds 96% efficiency)
  • Stage 2 - High flow fabric top for stormwater release
  • High visibility top marks inlet location
Blythe Construction I-485 Charlotte Project
Specialty R300B-DOT Round Base
The True Cost of Inlet Protection
R100 R300 install
Silt Saver Inlet Protection Domes - The Solution Thumbnail
Example of a traditional silt fence box failing as inlet protection
DOT filters are designed as a 2-stage filter with 12'' of maximum filtration material on lower half and maximum overflow capabilities in the upper half. This design addresses flooding issues while offering maximum efficiency in or near travel lanes. Fits 60'' outside diameter.

Product Features:

  • Each filter has been customized to offer the best fit for either the round or square frame
  • Installation is simple: place the filter over the frame and fill the pockets with sand, soil or rock
  • Creates a perimeter seal around the base of the frame. Provides weight necessary to stabilize the assembly unit.
  • Light weight, fail-safe design allows for fast and simple installation
  • No hazardous stakes - safe worksite
  • Reusable HMWPE frame - economical
  • Provides continuous, consistent filtration while keeping silt above ground
  • Avoid: costly fines, stop work orders, and environmental clean-ups
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