Specialty S400B-DOT Frame & Filter Assembly | Square Base (62" x 62")

  • Specialty Dome S400B-DOT

    Specialty Dome S400B-DOT

Specialty S400B-DOT Frame & Filter Assembly:

  • Square base 62'' x 62''
  • Reusable high molecular weight polyethylene frame, replaceable filters
  • Structural design for concentrated flow
  • Fast, simple installation
  • No failures due to stakes in uncompacted soil
  • Consistent performance
  • Practical, functional and economical
  • 100% Sourced and made in America
Specialty S400B-DOT-2 Stage DOT Filter:

  • Special design meets specific requirements of Maryland and Virginia DOT.
  • Superior sediment filtration in slurry conditions
  • Stage 1 - Sediment filtration (exceeds 96% efficiency)
  • Stage 2 - High flow fabric top for stormwater release
  • High visibility top marks inlet location
Specialty S400B-DOT Square Base
R100 R300 install
Silt Saver Inlet Protection Domes - The Solution Thumbnail
Example of a traditional silt fence box failing as inlet protection
The True Cost of Inlet Protection
Product Features:

  • Light weight, fail-safe design allows for fast and simple installation
  • No hazardous stakes - safe worksite
  • Reusable HMWPE frame
  • Provides continuous, consistent filtration while keeping silt above ground
  • Avoid: costly fines, stop work orders, and environmental clean-ups
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