Travel Lane Wattles

Travel Lane Wattles
Designed for curb inlet protection / slope erosion control / stream protection.

Structural integrity allows for high flow filtration while maintaining shape. When used as a bridge wattle, the durable casing and handles allow for easy movement and heavy equipment passage without damage.

Pine straw wrapped with polyester green mesh allows for controlled stormwater flow and sediment capture

Biodegradable natural core materials eliminate the need for recycled rubber / wire /silt fence materials (protecting our environment and waterways)

The use of a pine straw core prevents mold and compaction often associated with traditional wheat straw wattles which can lead to ponding effects

Provides flexibility, easy installation and maintenance

Available Lengths:
  • 9” DIAMETER X 10’ LONG
  • 9” DIAMETER X 15’ LONG
  • 9” DIAMETER X 22’ LONG
  • Travel Lane Wattle Brochure
  • Travel Lane Wattle Brochure 2
  • Travel Lane Wattle Specs
  • Travel Lane Wattle Install
  • Travel Lane Wattle Efficiency Test
  • Travel Lane Wattle CAD FILE (Zipped DWG)
  • Testing, Research, Consulting & Field Services Geosynthetics Testing Final Report: HF Green Mesh (PDF)

  • * Please note: DWG files are zipped files that contain AutoCad drawings. These cannot be opened here. They must be downloaded, saved and unzipped and then loaded into an AutoCad or compatible program.
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