Under Grate City Bag

"City Bags"
Under Grate City Bag

The Under Grate City Bag is designed to fit unobtrusively under a stormwater drain in a parking lot to collect trash and prevent other floatables from entering pipes, sumps, and waterways. It is easily installed under a parking lot grate inside the catch basin and does not impede traffic above. It is made of permeable geotextile fabric (clear water flow >1100 gpm/ft2) to prevent flooding in heavy rain events. The one-piece design provides load bearing while the long handles allow for easy installation and removal. It is reusable and comes in a variety of sizes to fit standard grate sizes. The City Bag can reduce costly basin and pipe system cleaning.

Under Grate City Bag Comes in the Following Sizes:

12"x48", 21"x29", 24"x24", 24"x48",27"x27", 28"x36", 36"x36", and 40"x55"

100% Sourced and made in America

Under Grate Trash Bag “City Bag”
  • New One Piece Design
  • Load Supporting Harness
  • Open Weave Fabric
  • Prevents Clogging
  • Designed to Capture Parking Lot and City Trash
Under Grate Trash Bag “City Bag” Comes in the Following Sizes
12"x48", 21"x29", 24"x24", 24"x48",27"x27", 28"x36", 36"x36", and 40"x55"
  • Specification and Installation
  • Testing, Research, Consulting & Field Services Geosynthetics Testing Final Report: HF Green Mesh (PDF)

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