Weighted Chip Wattle

Weighted Chip Wattle (Chip 10 Wattle)
  • High Visibility Chip Wattles - Kiln Dried Wood Chips
  • Weighted Chip Wattle
  • The environmentally friendly biodegradable core of the Silt Saver Chip Wattle is made up of kiln dried wood chips such as those pictured here.
Weighted Chip Wattle

Designed for velocity dissipation and sediment retention in BMP applications. May be used with check dams and for slope stabilization.

Kiln dried wood chips are wrapped in a choice of 2 durable sleeves with convenient handles for easy installation:

  • Black woven geotextile fabric
  • High visibility green mesh fabric
The kiln dried wood chips are biodegradable and weed and seed free. Wood chips provide natural core material preventing use of rubber / wire / silt fence recycled materials (protecting our environment and waterways).

Kiln dried wood chips weigh less when being shipped and installed (approx. 5lbs / ft) and more than double in weight when storm water is absorbed by the chips. The dry weight contributes to lighter freight and easier installation, while the water weight keeps the chip wattles in place. Wattles are nominal 9 inch diameter by 10 feet in length.
Weighted Chip Wattle
Weighted Chip Wattle
Weighted Chip Wattle
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